Tetracopter 12

Blue Body Version

Product Description:

Tetracopter 12 is in the same family of puzzles as my previous Tricopter 9 series. However, The Tetracopter 12 is based on a square prism, rather than triangular. The curvy cuts combined with the pillowed shape eliminates several parts and allows the geometry to be simplified to it;s essence. The puzzle has octahedral symmetry at its' core, so it does not jumble, but it certainly shape-shifts! Tetracopter 12 has a total of twelve axes, one at every edge. Moves on these axes can be combinedin any order, if bandaging allows. The puzzle is very complex to solve due to the constant shape-shifting and bandaging. This puzzle comes fully assembled and stickered.

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Technical Info:

Width: 9.6cm

Height: 9.0cm

Depth: 9.6cm