Technical info:

Height: 14mm

Length: 115mm

Width: 93mm

Weight: 87.3gm

This is the FDM version of Social Distancing, designed by Carl Hoff and sold here with permission. Nine pentominos walk into a bar, you need to seat the nine pentominos while following social distancing guidelines. No two may touch, not even at a corner. The bar has a small 3x4 patio that can be used to seat one pentomino safely. The main dining area of the bar is a 9x9 room. Can you seat these nine pentominos safely? Who needs to be seated on the patio? The solution is unique. A challenging puzzle, but the search space is about 200 times smaller than Hazmat Cargo, so not nearly as insane. You can read more about the puzzle here: Social Distancing

Social Distancing

Product description:

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