Pocket Megaminx (39mm)

Product Description:

This design is not just small in size. It is fully functional. Puzzleworks made this with a ball core, which helps keep the puzzle very stable. The keychain is optional. This makes a great gift. The puzzle comes fully assembled and stickered.

Technical Info:

Size: 39mm Face to opposite face

Weight: 37.9gm

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Pocket Megaminx DIY Kit

The DIY Kit includes:

ABS, FDM Printed Parts with 100% infill

(Sanding parts is required for better turning)

   1 Core

   12 Centers

   12 Center Caps (+4 extra)

   20 Corners (+4 extra)

   30 Edges (+4 extra)

   M2x8 Screws (Qty.12)

   2 Sets of Stickers