Pandora Square-1

The  Pandora Square-1 was designed by extending a mini 2x2 with 3D-printed pieces, adding layers with Square-1 cut patterns. This has two benifits; the first is that unlike on a Square-1, you can make vertical turns on either axis. The second benifit is, you can scramble it like a 2x2, which is well beyond what the square-1 was capable of. For the best solving experience, first scramble the Square-1 by color, then the Square-1 by shape, and finally scramble it like a 2x2 (or bandaged 2x2, depending on where the Square-1 pieces ended up). If you can't make more than a few 2x2 moves, you need to move the Square-1 pieces around so more 2x2 moves are available. This beautiful puzzle comes fully assembled and stickered. Have fun!

Technical info:

Height: 55mm

Width: 55mm

Depth: 55mm

Weight: 89.5gm

Product description:

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