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Technical info:

Height: 59mm

Width: 67mm

Edge length: 40mm

Weight: 117.4gm

Product Description:

The Hexagoon-1 applies the concept of a Square-1 to a hexagonal prism, with each corner being twice the size of an edge. This results in six corners and six edges per face. The central layer is also unbandaged, and is based on a Floppy Hexagonal Cheese with three axes of rotation for better manueverability. The puzzle's geometry gives it a fairly different solve from the Square-1, and it's a fun and unique puzzle to work out.  You may find it useful  sometimes to set it down on a table to flatten it, as due to the puzzle's geometry, the vertical slices turn a bit easier than the top and bottom layers.This beautiful puzzle is FDM printed in ABS and then vapor smoothed in acetone. It is very stable and turns smooth. It comes fully assembled and stickered. Have fun!