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Dreidel Curvy Copter

Product Description:

The Dreidel Curvy Copter is one of my earliest designs. It was inspired by Limcube's Dreidel Cube, so it shares a similar feature; Corner turns need to be made before a turn. On the Dreidel Curvy Copter, the  turns of a Curvy Copter can be done when 60 degree corner turns are made. This puzzle features all jumbling and shape-shifting of a curvy copter and additional shape-shifting due to the corner turns. This puzzle becomes quite intense after being scrambled and is equally challenging to solve. This beautiful puzzle is stable and turns very smoothly. It comes fully assembled and stickered in your choice of Carbon Fiber or Gloss vinyl. Have fun!

Technical Info:

Height: 64mm

Length: 64mm

Width: 64mm

Weight: 144.8gm