2x2 Evil Twin

The 2x2 Evil Twin, looks like a 2x2, but doesn't turn like one. It is instead a puzzle based entirely on external bandaging, that moves in mesmerizing ways.

Normally, when a 2x2 is created from a 3x3, the corners are extended so that each one covers three halves of edges, and three quarters of centers. This way, the puzzle is "watertight" and the centers and edges are not visible. Because each edge is covered equally by two corners, there are conflicts as multiple pieces never try to occupy the same space.

This puzzle, however, has an offset, so that one corner covers all of its three adjacent centers, and another corner covers no edges or centers. The rest of the corners are somewhere in between, depending on their position. In addition, the edge and center extensions are hollow below the surface, so that pieces can actually pass over and under each other, making the movement less restricted than it otherwise would have been.

The turns that can be made are somewhat limited, and figuring out what turns are available is half the experience. It is not particularly difficult due to the restricted move set, but is very fun to play with. It comes fully assembled and stickered. Have fun!

Product description:

Technical info:

Height: 50mm

Width: 50mm

Depth: 50mm

Weight: 46.4gm

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