180 Cube

Product info:

This puzzle looks like an ordinary 3x3. The designer wanted to create a puzzle that could only make 180 degree turns. He realized this had been done before, but only using four axes. He designed a puzzle to make turns on all the axes and the 180 Cube was born. I replaced the arm core with a ball core to add stability. I also added plugs to fill in the hole on the centers. The Carbon Fiber stickers add a super variant to the solve, making it much harder. This puzzle comes fully assembled and stickered.

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Technical info:

Height: 57mm

Width: 57mm

Depth: 57mm

Weight: 92.6gm

Tiled Version:

Height: 58mm

Width: 58mm

Depth: 58mm

Weight: 105.2gm

Tiled Version